BUNDLE Topo Quebec V5.1 and Ecoforestry 3D for Garmin

VERSION 5.1 and VERSION 2. Include our products topo and ecoforestry selectable in your unit, easy to read on your GPS screen.

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DOWNLOAD : No GPS switching is permitted.

Micro/SD : Easy to install, GPS must be plugged to PC or MAC to see maps on screen.

All orders are handle manually, so it may take up to 2 hours to deliver your DOWNLOAD informations.

GPS Québec is now using Garmin licensed technology.

Now in 3D. Our flagship product, copied by the competition but never surpassed. We have redefined the quality standard for GPS maps. We only use government official data. We offer the best possible precision of all the regions of Quebec at a scale of 1/20 000 in the south and 1/50 000 in the north.

Here are the main features included in Version 5:

  • Private and public land,

  • 3D in compatible Garmin GPS and Basecamp,

  • Complete backroads network,

  • ZEC, parks, reserves, outfitters limits

  • Road network up to date with street names,

  • Routable including trails,

  • Lakes, rivers, swamps, falls, rapids, etc.

  • Railroads, transmission lines, buildings, etc.

  • Snowmobile trails,

  • ATV trails,

  • Hiking trails,

  • Canoe itineraries,

  • Thousands of points of interest added.

This product will give you a faithful representaion of the type of wood you will find in the Quebec forest. You can then prepare your hunting season in advance.

Map can be printed so you can have a paper copy on hand.

Data are from governement sources. Scale is 1/20 000.

Here are the main information you will found in our product.

  • 3D visible in your GPS and Garmin Basecamp;

  • Backroads network (updated in march 2015);

  • Limits of parks, reserves, ZECs, outfitters, etc.;

  • Lakes, rivers shores;

  • Elevations;

  • Terrain nature (peats, gravel pits, etc.);

  • Wood populations included are :

  • Hardwood - de 7 m

  • Hardwood 7 m et +

  • Mix - de 7 m

  • Mix 7 m et +

  • Conifer - de 7 m

  • Conifer 7 m et +

  • Cuts, plantations, chablis, burned wood;

  • Swamps;

  • Woody;

  • And the best customer service...

    All other orders are sent via Canada Post. Usually a 3 days delivery.

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