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QuoVadis – GPS-navigation and digital maps

QuoVadis GPS Software

QuoVadis – GPS-navigation and digital maps

The first QuoVadis version was released 1996 under the name QuoVadis 1.3. In the following 15 years we developed the software together with Touratech AG under the name Touratech QV to be the leading GPS-navigation and planning software for travelers and released interesting maps of many countries.

Since version 6 the software is namedQuoVadis - nomen est omen – again.

The current version is 7 - more extensive than ever but still easy to learn for the GPS-beginner.

What is QuoVadis ?

First of all – and that already from the first version on – a software:

To plan a trip, a tour or an excursion on digital maps

To transfer the planned tour in a GPS device

To print the maps for the tour or to transfer it on a capable device

To copy back from the GPS device, archive and display the actual route on the map after the trip

What maps are there ?

The most important things with planning are the maps. With QuoVadis you can work with almost every digital map. Even in the freeware version the online maps GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, Bing and Yahoo are available (good internet access assumed).

In our shop you can find many more maps of nearly all continents.

Topographic maps for backpacking and all off-road actions

The resent Navteq® 2012 for exact routing and navigation in the vehicle

For outlying areas the famous Russian military maps

Street maps in many different scales, for example the popular street map in 1:200.000

and many more.

Last but not least you can scan your own paper maps and use them in QuoVadis as well as a large variety of digital maps that can be found in different standard formats on the internet. You can also work in 3D with every map. For this there are digital elevation models in different resolution available.

What about my data ?

Behind the scenes works a high-capacity data bank which makes the archiving of nearly any data size very easy. With the integrated Xplorer it is easy to keep a clear overview and manage the data.

What else is there ?

QuoVadis contains many little and big helpers that make the work with GPS-data and maps easier:

Track processor to automatically handle tracks in many different ways

High-capacity editor to draw, and edit directly in the map

Simulation, XY-chart

Astronomy to know the position of the sun, the moon, planets and star constellations at every location

Raster map export in Garmin, TwoNav, Magellan, Ape@Map>;, PathAway to be able have maps with you for example on a smartphone


Multitracking to know where the others are

GIS-formats, SHP, WMS, ECW etc.

Geotagging of pictures

Supervision of pictures, web links and documents at your GPS-data

Supervision of geocaches

Import and export possibilities of all established file types , GPX, KML etc.

Port to GoogleEarth

navigation with voice output in the vehicle with optional Navteq maps

Which versions of QuoVadis are there ?

QuoVadis starts with a freeware version with which the main functions routing, map display of the online maps and QV-maps as well as down- and upload to the GPS device are possible.

Then you can by the standard version in our shop which allows unlimited archiving, different im- and export possibilities, map export to different devices, navigation in a vehicle and much more. This version is our recommendation of all users who use QuoVadis in their free time and for their journeys.

The Poweruser-Version allows all functions. It can handle divers GIS-formats, it supports remote-tracking and has an integrated Roadbook-Editor.

Here you can find a chart with the differences between the versions Wiki

You can upgrade your software version at any time through activation with a new serial number. This doesn’t endanger any of your data.

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